Zaraah Abrahams plays Chelsea Fox

Pollyanna McIntosh plays Queen Ælfgifu in Valhalla

Richard Blackwood plays Felix

Robin Laing plays Major MacDonald in Outlander

Kelle Bryan in Significant Other as Shelley

Leah O’Rourke as Jenny Joyce in Derry Girls

Craig McGinlay in Season 4 of YOU

DEAR ENGLAND with Ryan Whittle playing Eric Dier

with Irene Myrtle-Forrester playing the role of GG

Cell 8 with Leon Herbert

Tell Me You Love Me with Danny Bayne and directed by Paulette Randall

Jocelyn Jee Esien in ITV's Dodger

With Chereen Buckley playing CIA Agent Simone

with Posi Morakinyo

with Huw Parmenter

with Nikola Trifunovic as SS Kommando

with Catherine Shipton as Mrs Boyle

with Amy Trigg playing the role of Agnes