Zaraah Abrahams plays Chelsea Fox

with Pollyanna McIntosh, Christian Vit and Ahd Tamimi in VIKINGS: VALHALLA

Fabrizio Santino playing the role of Marshall Crawford in WITCH

with Irene Myrtle-Forrester playing the role of GG

Richard Blackwood plays Felix

with Danny Bayne as Mr Walt/Dr Finn, Apollo Theatre

Paulette Randall MBE directing THE WIVES

Kelle Bryan as Shelley in SIGNIFICANT OTHER

With Pear Chiravara and Llyrio Boateng

Pollyanna McIntosh returns as Jadis

Hannah Sinclair Robinson playing the role of Sandra

with Nikola Trifunovic as SS Kommando

Amy Trigg WINNER of Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical for the Little Big Things

with Levi Tyrell Johnson

Craig McGinlay playing the role of Craig McQuarrie in BLUE LIGHTS Season 2

Jocelyn Jee Esien playing the role of Jazmine

THREE LITTLE BIRDS with Bobby Gordon and Kamarane Grant